SUGOi Cooler Cap

We used to think of only wearing caps when it was cold out. But then the benefits of covering the skin in the blazing sun were realized and companies began to develop material to wear in the summer. The Sugoi Cooler Cap slips under your helmet to keep your head cool, no matter how much hair you do, or don't, have. The Cooler Cap was sewn from Icefil. Unlike other fabrics that just reflect the sun and keep heat off your skin, Icefil is a reactive fabric. To this end, when you perspire, the material absorbs your sweat and in turn uses it to cool your skin, much like an evaporative cooler. The cap is fitted and slips discretely under your helmet. The Sugoi Cooler Cap is available in one size and in White.

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SUGOi Cooler Cap Review

SUGOi Cooler Cap is just awesome. For 24.95, it's unbeatable coolers.

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