Maxim Hygiene Organic Cotton Rounds - 80 Rounds: HF

Maxim Hygiene Products Organic Cotton Rounds Description: Made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton - For an extra soft feel that's better for your Body, Earth and Health! Organic Certification by - Quality Certification Services Chlorine/Dioxin Free - Keeping carcinogens away from your body parts Synthetic Free - For a softer, Non-Irritable, and Plastic-less feel and Real Cotton Experience Hypoallergenic/Irritation Free - No more rashes, even for those with the most sensitive skin 100% Biodegradable - Decomposes quickly, safely and naturally - Less Waste! Embossed Structure - For added absorbency power and fiber strength Resealable Zip-Locked Closure - For safe keeping and storage "Use your Maxim Organic Cotton Rounds any way you please because they are Chlorine/Dioxin, Pesticide and Herbicide free! Maxim's 100% Organic Cotton Rounds are Eco-Friendly and entirely Biodegradable because they're made with non-chlorine bleached pure organic cotton as opposed to most other brands which use a blend of synthetic fibers Rayon bleached with chlorine. They're Hypoallergenic too, so don't worry about using them on sensitive skin. Make and Feel the Difference with Maxim Organic Cotton Rounds! Maxim products use the naturally unique characteristics of cotton to provide a Soft, Safe and Natural Solution to existing health and environmental risks and concerns associated with the use and production of conventional Tampons, Sanitary Pads, Pantiliners and Cosmetic Cotton Puff Products. Maxim Organic Cotton Rounds are made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Sewage Sludge, Irradiation or Genetic Engineering. Instead, Organic Farmers use natural alternative methods and tools that help enhance soil quality and biodiversity and protect the air and water on which we depend. In addition, our cotton is whitened and disinfected with Hydrogen Peroxide instead of Chlorine to avoid exposure to harmful chemical Dioxin residues. We steer clear of using any irritating and eco-harming materials like Petrochemical Byproducts, Viscose/Rayon or Fragrances found in other products. All of these qualities combined, make our Organic Cotton Rounds Hypoallergenic. Additional product features include a re-sealable zip-Locked closure for convenient and safe keeping. Free Of Chlorine, dioxin, synthetic, irritation. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Maxim Hygiene Organic Cotton Rounds - 80 Rounds: HF Review

I had better deodorants, but this are more practical.

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