Light & Motion Seca 1500 Light Quartz, One Size

Why stop riding just because the sun is taking a break? With the Light and Motion Seca 1500 Light, you don't have to. In the full-strength setting, it puts out 1500 lumens of trail illuminating light for two hours of ride time. And if you turn down the setting, you won't have to sacrifice any battery life for power. Better yet, at around 343 grams, you'll enjoy all of that illumination without feeling like you're carrying a brick in the process. Just make sure to watch out for deer -- we all know how they like headlights. Light and Motion employs six top quality LEDs in order to generate the Seca's 1500 lumens. Not only are the LEDs bright, but they're also highly efficient. In the 1500 lumen setting, the light provides two hours of run time off of a full charge. And if you're looking to boost the battery life, you're also able to turn the power down, while still providing plenty of illumination. For example, while full-power may be necessary for descents and high speed trails, climbs and slower sections allow you to get by with a more moderate output. Accordingly, you have the option to run the Seca 1500 at either a medium 800 lumen setting or a low 450 lumen setting. Additionally, you're able to turn the 450 lumen setting to pulse mode for times when your visibility to others is your primary concern. In terms of battery life, Light and Motion estimates that the Seca provides four hours of light in the medium setting, eight hours in the low setting, and 16 hours in pulse mode. Additionally, Light and Motion incorporated its 'Race' mode with the Seca. With just a two-second push, you're able to set the Seca to cycle between a two-hour high and four-hour low setting. Powering the Seca is a three cell lithium-ion battery. The result is a light system that weighs in around a svelte 343 grams. This means that you won't have to pay a weight penalty to bathe your favorite trials in crisp, bright light. Hidden inside the body of the light is a pair of bi-conic reflect...

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Light & Motion Seca 1500 Light Quartz, One Size Review

I recommend Light & Motion Light & Motion Seca 1500 Light Quartz, One Size to absolutely everyone! You just can't get any better product in relation price-quality!

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