Knog Pop Duo Rear & Front Light Red, One Size

It's not hard to get caught out just past sunset on your bike, and pedaling along dimly-lit dusk roads can be relaxing after the bustle and heat of the day. For the rides when the sky is not quite dark, and no longer light, add a lightweight head and tail light to your frame for some extra reassurance that motorists are aware you're on the road. Knog's Pop Duo Rear and Front Light kit is a budget-friendly way to enter the world of bike lights. Providing you with just enough light to be seen -- but not enough to safely illuminate pitch-black roads -- the set weighs just over a claimed 100g. The head light emits up to 35 lumens that can be seen from 1,000 meters away, the tail light emits five lumens, and the LED bulbs also project light to the sides to increase your visibility to motorists from multiple directions. The weather-resistant lights run on replaceable alkaline batteries and come with replaceable handlebar and seatpost strap mounts.

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Knog Pop Duo Rear & Front Light Red, One Size Review

Mom ordered two automotive from this retailer. They were very good deals and were very quickly delivered to us even with standard shipping. We are very happy with this transaction.

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