GT Transeo 2.0 Complete Bike - 2016 White, S

Exploring a city on foot can become exhausting pretty quickly. And when you're trying to get from one end to the other, it's just not practical. However, we'd argue that sitting in gridlocked traffic sounds even more unappealing. GT developed its line of Transeo bikes to accompany you on your next jaunt through a concrete jungle. Whether it's for work or pleasure, features like disc brakes and front suspension prepare the Transeo 2. 0 Complete Bike to take on the range of terrain you're likely to encounter on any given ride, through cities large or small. To start, GT constructs the frame of the Transeo 2. 0 out of 6061 aluminum, a treated version of the metal that gives the frame an ideal strength to weight ratio. Anyone familiar with GT bikes will recognize the brand's notably smaller rear triangle design, known as the Triple Triangle, and if you haven't seen it before, you'll likely feel a difference in the Transeo's snappy acceleration and overall stiffness -- especially helpful as you navigate unpredictable stoplights and tight turns. GT designed the Transeo 2. 0 with flat handlebars and a steep head tube angle as well so you'll have no problem staying in control as you ride -- all the better for keeping an eye out for errant trash cans or parked cars. While at first glance, the Transeo 2. 0 may seem to closely resemble a road bike, its front suspension suggests otherwise, and the 75mm travel on its SR Suntour fork will be plenty willing to help you hop up onto a curb or ride over cobblestones mid-ride. GT includes a mid-tier Shimano drivetrain made up of its Deore, Alivio, and Acera groupsets on the Transeo 2. 0. While the mix won't feel as luxurious as the Japanese brand's premium component groups, it was engineered for consistency, reliability, and ease of maintenance. If you find yourself on a steep climb, you'll have plenty of gear ratios with the triple crank and nine-speed cassette to keep you pedaling with confidence, and you won't have to sacrifice ...

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GT Transeo 2.0 Complete Bike - 2016 White, S Review

GT Transeo 2.0 Complete Bike - 2016 White, S changed my view on my leisure time. Just for 749.99 it is cool companion in our household.

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