Cubico 40 Self Watering Planter by Lechuza

Make tall plants even taller with the height and self watering capabilities of the Lechuza Cubico 40 Self Watering Planter. The planter is a tapered rectangle two-and-a-half feet tall. Within, the proprietary Lechuza sub-irrigation system holds enough water to keep the plant hydrated up to 3 months. A removable liner allows you to move the plant as needed. Make growing plants even more eco-friendly an experience with self-watering Lechuza planters. From tall and statuesque to long and low, these contemporary planters make plants look good indoors and out. And with their specialty sub-irrigation system, they do so without wasting a drop of water. All Lechuza planters are designed and made in Germany.

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Cubico 40 Self Watering Planter by Lechuza Review

Mean solar day when I was in the tap house I saw this Cubico 40 Self Watering Planter by Lechuza, it looks amazing!

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