Chef's Choice Pronto Pro Diamond Hone Sharpener

Keep your cutlery on the right track when you sharpen them with the Chef's Choice Pronto Pro Diamond Hone Sharpener (4643) . This handheld sharpener keeps your cutlery looking great and chopping to perfection thanks to its three (3) stage sharpening process. Stages 1 and 2 use 100% diamond abrasives to sharpen the edges of Asian, American and European knives for a sharper blade and easier cut. Stage 3 creates a super sharp edge and polishes it to a burr-free finish that will make cutting, chopping, and slicing in the kitchen much easier. Great for use on both straight and serrated knife edges, this sharpener uses criss-cross sharpening technology to get all edges of the knife that many other sharpeners may leave behind. Diamond-coated abrasive disks and pads help to sharpen your knives and you can rest assured that they will never break or become misshapen. The soft touch, no-slip handle keeps you safe while going to work on your knives, allowing you to work hard without endangering yourself. With a compact size that is easy for storage, this sharpener is perfect for use in any kitchen and will be sure to keep your knives looking and cutting at their best. No-Slip Handle: The easy-grip handle ensures that the sharpener won't slip out of your hands, keeping you safe from accidents Diamond Abrasives: 100% diamond abrasives ensure that your knife edges will be taken good care of and sharpened to their full potential Sharpens Most Knives: Perfect for use on all Asian, American and European style knives, this sharpener can cut angles between 15 and 20 degrees

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Chef's Choice Pronto Pro Diamond Hone Sharpener Review

I bought and liked Chef's Choice Pronto Pro Diamond Hone Sharpener .It's one of best products from this Chef's Choice . You should definitely buy this from Compact Appliance.

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