Brooks England C19 Cambium Saddle Slate, One Size

The Brooks England leather hammock design and accompanying rivets are synonymous with classic cycling, living on through tweed rides and race rigs alike. The Cambium line carries on Brooks' storied tradition, classic aesthetics, and renowned comfort while swapping out the leather for a more modern, weather-friendly, cotton-covered rubber shell. Designed with more casual rides in mind, the Brooks England C19 Cambium Saddle is the widest of the Cambium family, offering stylish support for more upright riding positions. The shell of the C19 is built with natural gum rubber, which dampens vibration and boasts just the right amount of flex and spring to conform to your anatomy as you pedal. That comfort is of particular note, as the smooth ride of the Brooks' leather saddles sets an incredibly high bar for the Cambium to match. The cover is a treated organic cotton canvas that resists the elements and softens with miles, yielding an exceptionally comfortable ride feel. The two layers are vulcanized, forming them into a single piece that will remain intact for the life of the saddle. This shell rests on die cast aluminum blocks and tubular steel rails, which serve to maintain the shape of the saddle as the miles and years roll by.

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Brooks England C19 Cambium Saddle Slate, One Size Review

It came in two days. Brooks England Brooks England C19 Cambium Saddle Slate, One Size works and I have presents for my children.

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