Bern FL-1 MIPS Helmet Satin Dark Silver, S

Known for its snow, skate, ski, and commuting helmets, Bern dips its toes into the road cycling market with the FL-1 MIPS Helmet. In contrast to the sea of overly streamlined lids, this helmet brings an edgy aesthetic and boasts industry-leading protection to cover everything from going off the front of a local Tuesday Night Worlds peloton to dodging errant chipmunks on your daily commute. MIPS, which is short for Multi Directional Protection System, is a strategically anchored, thin liner on the inside of the helmet that looks exceptionally simple but serves a big purpose. That little liner is designed to move independently of the helmet shell and reduce impact force on your brain compared to standard, non-MIPS helmets. It may cost a hair more than a similar non-MIPS equipped helmet, but if you do happen to crash, MIPS reduces your risk of concussion and dramatically increases your chances of walking away without a head injury. Bern recognizes that while safety is of utmost importance, we also really enjoy being comfortable in the saddle, so it incorporates 18 vents to facilitate ample cooling airflow. A Bern Yoke adjustment system allows 360 degrees of adjustability so you can customize the fit to perfectly match your dome for a comfortable, protected ride every time you clip in.

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Bern FL-1 MIPS Helmet Satin Dark Silver, S Review

This is the best Bern product I've ever had! I love Bern FL-1 MIPS Helmet Satin Dark Silver, S!

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