3T Stylus 0 LTD Seatpost UD Gloss Black, 27.2 mm/280 mm

The zero setback of 3T's Stylus 0 LTD Seatpost may lack the compliant comfort of the 25mm setback version, but its uncompromising position moves your hips up -- much closer to centered on the bottom bracket. This means you can harness your engine's power more efficiently while sitting in the saddle's more comfortable cradle rather than up on the far less forgiving nose. Some cyclists may prefer to maximize comfort and stability with a setback post, but if pure power is your game, then zero setback is the only option. Both the post and the clamping plate are monocoque, high-modulus carbon fiber, which puts weight loss above all else -- including cost -- in order to maximize on the watts you're pouring into the road. All told, its claimed weight of 150g for a 31. 6 x 280mm model brings the Stylus 0 LTD in at just 75% of the Stylus Team's weight, making it the lightest model in 3T's line. The two carbon pieces are joined with the new Stylus clamping system, which secures the saddle with two bolts situated just inside of either saddle rail. This design more effectively distributes load pressure, which is a must for clamping carbon to carbon -- especially if you're clamping carbon rails. Despite its all-comers ease of use, we do recommend using a torque wrench tuned at or below the max suggested torque of 10Nm while tightening the Stylus 0 LTD's twin bolts. This tolerance is relatively high for any cockpit component, and we're especially impressed given that -- unlike the carbon post and alloy clamp of the Team model or the Pro model's all alloy construction -- the LTD pits carbon against carbon. That high tolerance speaks volumes about not only 3T's carbon fiber expertise but the confidence the Italian company has in the durability of its high-modulus carbon fiber, which is unique to the LTD model.

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3T Stylus 0 LTD Seatpost UD Gloss Black, 27.2 mm/280 mm Review

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